IDEM Doku GmbH – IDEM becomes part of the PlusLingua Group.

As of 01.10.2018, IDEM becomes IDEM Doku GmbH and joins the PlusLingua Group. Through the inclusion of IDEM Doku GmbH, the PlusLingua Group expands its portfolio with the fields of technical documentation and graphics. With many locations in different European countries and more than 100 employees, this creates one of the largest European service providers in the field of technical documentation. Mr. Barjo Khalil is taking over management, and Ms. Indra Rockar will be the authorised signatory.

IDEM has been operating as FS-ZM GmbH’s business division for technical documentation as a full service provider since 1996, therefore contributing more than 20 years of experience. During this time, projects from many different fields have always been completed with high customer satisfaction. IDEM’s service spectrum ranges from legally-sound operating manuals, including translation into all languages, to complex documentation for large-scale plants or consultation and assistance with introducing new editorial systems, and even modern 3D-based instructional videos.

The inclusion in the PlusLingua Group and the emerging synergies give IDEM greater leeway. This increased potential will be used to forge ahead in developing new technologies and areas.

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