New project management software for the translation department

Our translation department is now working with Plunet Business Manager project management software. As a result, processing your projects is even more efficient and, above all, more transparent.

The Plunet Business Manager features an integrated customer portal. It offers you the following benefits:

  • Data exchange via the customer portal
    Send your requests and issue your orders directly in the Plunet Business Manager.
    Simply upload your files to our Plunet server and take the burden off your email server.
  • Greater transparency
    Follow your project’s processing status in real time.
    All your projects are listed in your personal user account. As such, you can always see the current status of your project.
  • Evaluation options
    Evaluate your projects according to many different aspects and export the results in Excel format.
    For instance, would you like to know how many English translations you needed during the last quarter? This is no problem with the Plunet Business Manager.
  • Invoice tracking
    Keep track of which of our invoices to you are still open and which have already been paid.

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